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As the Paul McCartney once sang: ‘Money can’t buy me love.’ But did you also know that money can be used to purchase yachts, football teams and islands? These things won’t give you the same fuzzy feeling inside that love does, but marshmallows will; another thing that money can buy.

Mobile Money understands that sometimes money can be tight, and we can’t all enjoy marshmallows on our yachts en route to our private islands. Sadly, we can’t all enjoy the benefits of a statistically successful name.

Soon to be new-borns rejoice, though. We’ve crunched the numbers of the top 400 billionaires, and come back with the top names in elite wealth. Spoiler alert, the Johns of the world are doing a lot better than the Ringos.

Sure, a cynic could argue that socio-economic preconditions and educational opportunities far outweigh the collection of syllables that others refer to you as, in terms of importance. As Mark Twain once said: ‘Lies, damned lies, and statistics!’

But then the cynic must remember the shocking transformation in fortunes Homer Simpson received when he renamed himself ‘Max Power’. It’s just science.

We’ve also broken them down into the countries with the most billionaires, so you know where’s best to raise your little tycoon-to-be. For the unborn, there’s still yet hope for caviar and marshmallows on the starboard bow.


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